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SYNCARDION - Embrace The Inevitable (Promo-CD) The Netherlands November 2008 Ad van Osch

Style: Melodic Death Metal / Thrash / Grind Running time: 29:04 (Tracks: 8)


SYNCARDION is a 5 piece band from Breda, Holland and exists of Sjors Maas (vocals), Rob Lips (lead guitar), Raymond Luijbregts (rhythm guitar), Niek Boonman (bass) and Pascal Payens (drums). The band started in 2002 and is inspired by bands like PANTERA, IN FLAMES and AT THE GATES. Syncardion plays a mix of Thrash Metal and Melodic Death Metal with Grindcore parts. These guys already have released a self titled CDemo (3 songs) in 2005, and now they have recorded their full length debut album "Embrace The Inevitable". The album features 8 songs and has a very good production. Personally I don't hear any PANTERA influences. They remind me more of a band like CARCASS on their best album ever "Heartwork" (1993) and indeed AT THE GATES and IN FLAMES. Musically Syncardion is a very talented and technical band with absolute great musicians (specially the two guitarists). Also Sjors is for this genre a very good singer, ehhhm I mean grunter and he reminds me very much of Jeff Walker (Carcass) and Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates). Believe me, all tracks are even great. The album starts with an instrumental intro "Abidance" and ends with an instrumental outro "Consummation", but the other six songs like "Preamble On Nothing To Come", "Embraced" and "Megalomania" are awesome. The only negative point is that the album is to short. At the moment the band is trying to get a record deal with a label. If they don't succeed in finding one, then the band will release "Embrace The Inevitable" themselves, so that you can order their debut album through their own website or MySpace page. But I'm sure there must be an independent label somewhere who will be interested in SYNCARDION. Anyway, let's hope they will succeed in finding a label, because "Embrace The Inevitable" is a fantastic debut album. Good work guys. Great band, check them out if you like the above mentioned bands.


points: 85/100


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