Reviews (78/100)

Syncardion is a dutch fivepiece that plays melodic death combined with thrashelements. They have recently put this mcd up for download and I always get suspicious when a band utilises this kind of promotion. They are either very confident or just unexperienced. The mcd sounded crappy so I expected the worst when I got the official mcd.

For Syncardion the first opinion is the correct one I'm guessing now, because what they display on this fine piece of mcd material easily exceeded my expectations.

Syncardion sprouted out of the ashes of UNIFICATION and have recently signed VERMIN's Pascal Payens for the drumseat. It's obvious that this move didn't harm the band in any way, instead they have upped their chances of getting a fine record deal and the music they bring is elevated this way.

Well placed drumsalvos alternate with melodic and aggressive guitarparts, giving the listener limited time to recover in almost every song. The intro and the final part of Embraced gives us hints of the geniality that could have filled this mcd. Could have, which means that the occasional hardcore vocals and the sometimes stereotype riffs dampered the partymood (or however you say this in English).


Albeit a very worthy first attempt for Syncardion and if they keep on writing smart songs as they did now and then, their future will be sparkling bright.




Written by Tom Dejonghe

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